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Belief in Oneself


Belief in Oneself is one of the hardest tasks we have to set for ourselves. We have to trust that we are good, true and honest and that we are valuable in our own right. Likewise, we have to believe that others like and trust us. As well as knowing that we are the ones that will make a difference in our own lives.


The Year of Me - Belief in Oneself
Belief in Oneself

The past is the past, and we survived. What we did yesterday has made us the person we are today and will help shape the person we will be. However, is the person you were yesterday good enough for you? Is the person you were last year the person you want to be tomorrow and the year ahead?


Belief in Oneself starts with one very simple step. Telling yourself you are in control.  In control of what you think, what you do and what you want to do. It may be true to say that in your current situation you may have limited control or no options. You may be in a position where decisions are made on your behalf and you are out of control. Now is the time to stop and look at your situation. Look at what you are doing and decide what you want to do.


  1. Create a list of everything you want to do
  2. List of everything you want to stop doing
  3. Make a list of everything you have control over right now
  4. List everything you want to have control over

Evaluate all four lists and select one item from each list that you want to concentrate on. Work towards that goal.

For Example – Wanting to be in control at work and ensuring you can go home to your family in a good mood and not exhausted.

  1. I want to be confident at work
  2. Learn to say NO at work. Stop saying Yes to everything at work which makes me stay late and have to work for free and late going home
  3. I have control over journey to and from work
  4. I want to have control over my working day

Now create a strategy that means you have the ability to say No to tasks that will result in you leaving late. This can be as simple as telling your boss about the amount of work you have.  Let them decided which task is more important for completion and then work on that task first. Your boss may not know or understand what work you have on in that day.  Additionally, you could arrange a weekly meeting with them to discuss your week ahead. This will give you an ideal opportunity to tell them you have to leave on time for private reasons.

In conclusion, Belief in Oneself is also ‘The Year of Me’


Giving up on New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions may have been to big
Reword your New Years Resolution

Halfway through the month and New Years Resolutions
are almost forgotten.

The days have certainly rolled by so fast, and it’s difficult to believe that we are halfway through the month. Experts are now telling us it is common to ‘Give Up’ on those New Years Resolutions. In addition, Social Media and Traditional Media are awash with experts telling us how to stay focused. There will be a number of hints and tips on how to stay focused and what to do if lose focus.


An alternate view on New Years Resolutions

When the New Year arrives, everyone becomes convinced that the year ahead will change. There are

New Years Resolutions don't have to be big
New Year Goals don’t have to be big

better opportunities around the next corner and life is better looking forward. Looking back can have some advantages, however, if you spend your time looking back you will never make any changes to your life. On the other hand, if you constantly look forward you are missing today. It can be a fine line getting your experiences, goals and future in the correct order. A mixture of all three views will make a fulfilled and satisfying life.



Giving A Bully Head Space

A bully at work or school is stressful
A bully at work or school is stressful

A bully is one of those human traits that can come from nowhere and just knock you for six. You may be the bully or may be bullied and not even know. You may not know your bully personally, especially with the advent of social media or it could be from an acquaintance. The bully may know you personally.  He or she could be your boss or a work colleague, a member of your family or even a friend.


The strange thing about being bullied is that you may not even know that you are bullied, until you are in the middle of the situation, or you have the time and space to reflect on what has occurred.



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