Our Fees

Our initial consultation is free.  This is the session where we find out about each other and see if we can work together.  The session will last for about an hour and you get to take home a FREE MP3 or CD. During this session we will then book further sessions.  This is a no obligation session.


Hypnotherapy Fees

  • £25 – Relaxation session which lasts half an hour
  • £55 – One hour hypnotherapy session. During these sessions we will discuss the issues at hand and work towards a solution for you.  Sessions last for an hour and can range from 1 to 12 sessions depending on what the issue is.  If you decide to take 12 session (paid up front) then the price will be reduced to £45 per session.
  • £100 - Exam Stress relief, this can be for taking any kind of exam including a driving test.  This session will last for one hour and we will need to meet twice.

Weight Loss

As we specialise in Weight Loss we are able to offer the following package if paid for in three installments

  • £500 - 12 session for Weight

Bullying in the Work Place

Bullying in the workplace is on the increase and it is a very upsetting existence for those going through the process.  It is for this reason we also offer a discount for process paid in three installments.

  • £500 - 12 session for Managing Stress due to Bullying


Do you have some weight to lose?

With hypnosis you can lose it all.