Bullying at Work

Bullying at Work is horrific to go through.  Some people never survive.  It's your actions and reactions that the bully is after. I can help you cope better and give you strategies to ensure that you survive but become triumphant.

Bulling at Work

We have all heard about childhood bullies and many of us had hoped that we would leave that behind us in the school play ground.  However there are new bullies and they are finding new ways to practice there craft. Work place bullies are on the increase and now we  have to contend with cyber bullying, bullying is certainly on the increase. There is also another new breed of bully that has emerged over the last few years.  That is a Client Bully. This type of bully targets sub-contractors and small business owners.


A Bully can be defined as an individual who uses aggressive or unreasonable behaviour against you or your business.


Bullies come in all shapes and sizes.  You can be bullied by your boss, your co-workers or even your client. Bullies are motivated by selfishness or insecurity in their own environment.


Bullying by anyone could be conscious or unconscious.  In many instances bullying can be in the eye of the beholder, but you have to be careful not to misinterpret a bully for someone who is highly stressed at a particular moment in time.

Bullied at Work - Survival Rules

  • Stay focused on what you have to do and don't get dragged into issues that do not concern you.
  • Plan, Schedule and then plan again your daily activities and the conversations you may have
  • Keep a diary or journal of what is going on
  • Don't rise to the bait, stay calm
  • Talk to your manager or HR department
  • Be mindful of your body language, you don't want to be seen as the aggressor

This is a very short survival list.  There are many more rules that can be use.  Most importantly, if you are being bullied at work take time to take care of yourself and heal mentally, emotionally and physically.


Bullied at Work - Which type of bully am I dealing with?

Bullies come in all shapes and sizes and can fit into a number of different bullying patterns.  Listed below are a number of different types of people and bulling that comes under the heading 'Bullied at work'.  This list is not exhaustive.


  • Impulsive Bully - Likely to be part of a group and is more spontaneous and may appear more random
  • Physical Bullies – Likely to be hitting the victim
  • Verbal Bullies - Use words to hurt or humiliate
  • Stressed, impulsive or unintentional Bully - They may not realise what they are doing
  • Cyber Bully - Hateful emails and cyber stalking.
  • Subordinate Bully - Bullying perpetrated by subordinates
  • Serial Bully - An individual who repeatedly intimidates or harasses one individual after another.
  • Secondary Bully - Others in the office or social group start to react to bullying by imitating or joining in on the behaviour.
  • Client Bullying – Am employee or contractor is bullied by those they serve Client bullying can also be employees bullying their clients.

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