Weight Loss and Weight Gain

Free sample of our weight loss programme via hypnosis (this is week 1), for more information on weight loss programme please contact us directly.

Hypnotherapy and weight loss has been one of those topics that everyone loves to talk about and few have tried.  There are some people who have tried hypnotherapy gastric band and those who just use hypnotherapy to take control of life and what they want from life. It doesn't really matter what you want to get out of hypnotherapy, all that matters is that you follow the structure and results will happen.


Sea Glass Hypnotherapy is solution focused and will look at the here and now and how you can move your life forward with whatever you have a worry or concern about.


Weight Loss Client's View
Instead of me talking about Hypnotherapy and Weight Loss, take a look at the proof.  This is Jeannie.  She came to see me for 6 weeks and lost a total of 12 Kg or 2 stone.  She has done so well. She did have some homework to do.  She had to listen to a CD every night and she chose to visit me in my office.  She could have followed this course at home, but she liked the interaction she had with Sea Glass Hypnotherapy.


Please listen to her progress and her opinion of what hypnotherapy and weight loss has done for her and what it could do for you.

Do you have some weight to lose?

With hypnosis you can lose it all.